What does it mean when the FDA approves a treatment? It means that treatment has been reviewed to determine if it's safe and effective for patients to use. The FDA reviews the clinical trial results and may grant approval if they determine the clinical benefits outweigh the potential risks.

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GAMMAGARD LIQUID was studied in 44 adult patients over the course of 60 weeks. Patients rotated between taking placebo (no medicine) and GAMMAGARD LIQUID. In the study, patients taking GAMMAGARD LIQUID showed:

Improved grip strength

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Reduced disability

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GAMMAGARD LIQUID was also shown to maintain dexterity in the hands.

Watch a real MMN patient’s experience with GAMMAGARD LIQUID

My doctor said GAMMAGARD LIQUID could help increase my strength and dexterity, which would help me with everyday activities.


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Individual experiences may vary.

When I first started taking GAMMAGARD LIQUID, I had to work with my doctor to find the right dosage and frequency for me. Because of MMN, the muscles that I use to make a thumbs up became completely paralyzed. After I started treatment on GAMMAGARD LIQUID, my thumb muscles began to work again. They suddenly came back, which was amazing.

That’s how I know that this treatment is working for me. Since I started treatment, I’ve been able to maintain dexterity and strength so I can stay independent. This helps me get dressed every day and do things without assistance that if I wasn’t on GAMMAGARD LIQUID, I would probably need assistance to do. I’ve experienced some side effects, such as headache, muscle aches, and general flu-like symptoms.

To manage the side effects, I work with the infusion nurses. They can adjust your infusion rate. And I also make sure to stay hydrated during and before infusions. Remember it’s important to talk with your doctor about any side effects you might experience during treatment.

GAMMAGARD LIQUID was shown to help with tasks of daily living, including:

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Tying your shoes

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Personal grooming

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Holding a cup and
gripping utensils

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Working a zipper
or buttons

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Texting and

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