It’s important to talk with your doctor about your personal experience with MMN. Below is an interactive questionnaire designed to create a discussion guide to assist you in speaking to your doctor about the things that matter most to you. Please note, the discussion guide is not intended to diagnose your condition or provide medical advice. To get started, tell us a little about yourself.

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Redefine your MMN

Finding out you have MMN can bring up many thoughts, feelings, and questions. It can be overwhelming. But learning how to manage your life with MMN can help you reestablish your routine.

Explore life with MMN

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Don’t let MMN put you
in a corner.


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Individual experiences may vary.

Reveal the road ahead

New to GAMMAGARD LIQUID? Dosing and administration are an important consideration for your treatment. Get an overview of the process and start thinking about what’s right for you.

See what to expect

Nurse checking on her patient. GAMMAGARD LIQUID has different dosing and administration.

GAMMAGARD LIQUID is given by a healthcare professional. It can be administered at:

  • Home
  • A physician’s office
  • A hospital
  • An infusion clinic