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GAMMAGARD LIQUID is a ready-to-use liquid medicine that is given in a vein (intravenously) or under the skin (subcutaneously) to treat
primary immunodeficiency (PI) in people 2 years and older.

What is IG therapy?

Within the human body there are many types of antibodies made by the immune system. The IG antibodies help fight off bacteria and viruses that cause infections.

IG therapy contains antibodies from healthy donations of human plasma, which is the fluid portion of the blood that is left when blood cells are removed.

Healthy human plasma provides many important proteins and antibodies to help replace what the immune system does not produce. It also temporarily replaces the infection-fighting antibodies that some people are missing.

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Takeda’s long-standing history of providing IG therapies

Takeda, the manufacturer of GAMMAGARD LIQUID, has been a leader in providing IG therapies for more than 30 years. In addition to having 15+ years of GAMMAGARD LIQUID on the market for the treatment of PI, Takeda also offers 2 other IG therapy options for patients with PI. For more information about these treatments, visit here and here.

Discuss your PI treatment options with your doctor to learn more about what may be right for you and your needs.

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Trusted treatment

Would it help to know your treatment is relied on by doctors across the country? GAMMAGARD LIQUID is the most utilized IG in the US.

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Getting started

What would help you feel truly cared for? GAMMAGARD LIQUID offers options, so you and your doctor can create an infusion experience that’s right for you.

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