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GAMMAGARD LIQUID is a ready-to-use liquid medicine that is given in a vein (intravenously) or under the skin (subcutaneously) to treat
primary immunodeficiency (PI) in people 2 years and older.


GAMMAGARD LIQUID is a ready-to-use liquid medicine that contains immunoglobulin G, or IgG, antibodies, which protect the body against infection. These antibodies, collected from the plasma of healthy people, replace the missing antibodies in patients with Primary Immunodeficiency (PI). GAMMAGARD LIQUID is used to treat PI in people 2 years and older.

GAMMAGARD LIQUID temporarily increases the amount of antibodies in your body to fight germs that can make you sick.

GAMMAGARD LIQUID offers a choice of intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SubQ) administration options and can be infused either directly into a vein (IV) or just under the skin into the fatty tissue (SubQ). Talk with your doctor about the treatment administration option that may be best for you.

The most prescribed IG
in the US the past 15 years1
(Based on combined data*)

*Internal calculations by Takeda based on Marketing Research Bureau (MRB)
database of total Ig Units prescribed over a combined 15 years (2005-2019).

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120,108 patients

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15 years of real-world experience

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Calculations based on units of GAMMAGARD LIQUID sold from 2006-2019, assuming an average utilization of 450 g/yr/patient.

Made with your needs in mind

Are you watching your sugar intake? How about extra sodium? GAMMAGARD LIQUID may meet the needs of people who have special considerations.

Not all IVIGs are the same. GAMMAGARD LIQUID is formulated with:

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No added sodium

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No glucose or
proline stabilizers

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No added preservatives

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No sucrose or
added sugars

  • Stabilized and buffered with glycine for those patients in whom additives may be a concern
  • The packaging is not made with natural rubber latex

GAMMAGARD LIQUID is made from plasma donations

GAMMAGARD LIQUID is supported by a strong legacy of more than 60 years of experience in IgG therapies. IgG is derived from plasma, which is part of human blood. Every donation is carefully tested and each step of the process used to make GAMMAGARD LIQUID ensures that your therapy is reliable and meets high safety standards.

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Safety and side effects

When you—or someone you love—starts a new treatment, discussing safety is one of the most important conversations you can have with your doctor.

Learn about safety
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Getting started

Starting treatment? Talk with your doctor about what’s right for you. Explore your options and think about how they’ll shape your infusion experience.

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  1. Marketing Research Bureau (MRB) database of total Ig Units prescribed over a combined 15 years (2005-2019).