MMN is a rare, treatable but incurable immune-mediated disorder, which causes muscle weakness that worsens over time.1,2 MMN commonly begins in the finger, thumb, wrist, or lower leg.3,4 It affects the strength in the lower parts of the arms and hands more than the legs, usually without affecting the touch sensation.1 MMN usually causes weakness in one side of the body (asymmetrical).4

People with MMN may have symptoms that include:

  • Difficulty gripping objects2
  • Spasms or cramps usually in one arm or leg4
  • Wrist drop (when the wrist cannot be extended)2,5
  • Foot drop (difficulty lifting the front part of the foot)2,5
  • Increased muscle weakness in response to cold temperatures4


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Selected Important Safety Information about GAMMAGARD LIQUID
  • GAMMAGARD LIQUID can cause decreased kidney function or kidney failure, blood clots in the heart, brain, lungs or elsewhere in the body. Call your healthcare professional or go to your emergency department right away if you have: Reduced urination, sudden weight gain, or swelling in your legs. These could be signs of a kidney problem. Pain, swelling, warmth, redness, or a lump in your legs or arms. These could be signs of a blood clot.
  • Do not take GAMMAGARD LIQUID if you have a known history of a severe allergic reaction to IgG or other blood products.