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MyIgSource Privacy Policy

I understand that the information I have provided will be used by Shire and its contracted third parties to contact me by mail, email, and phone with helpful information on Shire treatments and indicated conditions, as well as products and services. Shire may also review my program engagement and information with my or my child's physician in order to provide feedback regarding these services. Shire will not sell or transfer my name or contact information to any third party for their marketing use. The privacy policy in its entirety can be accessed here.

I understand that Shire collects the information because it is necessary to enable individuals to register for, customize and personalize certain aspects of Shire's programs, resources and communications. Shire uses the information to provide communications on its products and services including valuable resources and tools. Shire may also evaluate the use of these resources and communications with non-identifiable or aggregate information to better address patient needs in the future.

Personal information about you will be accessible to Shire and its subsidiaries, and to individuals and organizations that use personal information solely for and at the direction of Shire. Uses and disclosures of personal information by external individuals and organizations acting on Shire's behalf are governed by agreements that require personal information to be protected appropriately. This site does not seek to collect personal information from children under the age of 13 and will not retain this information if aware of its receipt.

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Shire is not responsible for the privacy policy, the content or the accuracy of any web site accessed through a link on the GAMMAGARD.com site. A link to other web sites does not constitute an endorsement of Shire of the linked site, its products or services.

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Terms and Conditions

Patient instructions

  1. By using this coupon, you are certifying that:
  2. 1) You meet the eligibility criteria and have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this manufacturer coupon program;
  3. 2) You will not, at any time, submit any costs for the product dispensed pursuant to this coupon to any government healthcare program for reimbursement;
  4. 3) You are permitting your personal information, including name, address, phone number, email address, and information related to health insurance and treatment, to be shared with Shire and companies working with Shire for the purpose of administering this program; and
  5. 4) You will notify your health insurance provider or other third-party payer of the use of this coupon if required to do so.
  6. If your insurance situation changes it is your responsibility to notify Shire's MyIgCoPayCard program.
  7. For questions about this program, patients and caregivers can call MyIgSource at (855) 250-5111.

Pharmacy instructions

  1. By submitting a claim for reimbursement pursuant to this manufacturer coupon program, the Pharmacy represents and warrants that:
  2. 1) It has dispensed GAMMAGARD LIQUID treatment to an eligible patient and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this program and the accompanying prescription;
  3. 2) Its participation in this program is consistent with all applicable laws and any obligations, including its contract with the applicable payer;
  4. 3) If the patient's insurance situation changes, it will notify Shire immediately by contacting the MyIgCoPayCard program;
  5. 4) It will report coupon assistance received to payers if so required; and
  6. 5) The entire benefit amount received will go to eligible expenses and it will not retain any portion of the benefit as payment to it for administration or ineligible expenses.
  7. For questions regarding processing, claim transmission, patient eligibility, or other issues, pharmacists can call the MyIgCoPayCard program directly at (855) 217-1615.