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Meet the Advocates

MyIgSource can connect you with other caregivers and patients living with PI. Find emotional support by talking one-on-one with these Patient Advocates, who have firsthand experience with managing the daily challenges of PI.

You can also connect with nurses who are experienced in helping patients manage their PI and treatment. These Nurse Advocates can help answer your questions about GAMMAGARD LIQUID administration and help you talk to your doctor about your treatment.

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Meet Your Patient Advocates


Dayna is the mother of four children with PI, the Editor-in-Chief of Just Like Me magazine and co-creator of the Therapeutic Play Kit. Dayna created the My IgG Book for her oldest son, Charlie.

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Kristin is a mother of four who has experienced the pain of misdiagnosis of one of her children and the comfort that comes from speaking with other caregivers and patients.

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Tarsha understands the value of MyIgSource firsthand. Diagnosed with common variable immunodeficiency, she took advantage of the resources and tools the program offers. Tarsha looks forward to helping with the journey for other patients.

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For Julie, a PI diagnosis didn’t mean giving up an active lifestyle. In fact, shortly after being diagnosed, she participated in her first relay event to raise awareness of PI. Julie is married with a stepson and has worked as an ultrasound technician for more than 10 years.

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Karen was diagnosed with PI in 2011. As a working mother of three adolescent children and the wife of a police officer, Karen knows a thing or two about managing a chronic illness along with everyday life.

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Nurse Advocates


Nurse Advocate Kristen has been a registered nurse in the outpatient setting for 7 years. She knows how important it is for patients and their families/caregivers to be educated about a patients’ condition. Kristen enjoys sharing her knowledge with other healthcare professionals.

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A Nurse Advocate and pediatric critical care nurse for more than 10 years, Je'Anne has extensive experience. She understands the importance of patient and family/caregiver education. As a clinical educator, Je'Anne has shared her expertise with nurses, medical residents, and staff physicians.

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