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Infusion Time
GAMMAGARD LIQUID - SC Administration

Protecting life's moments with a manageable infusion time

In the SC administration of GAMMAGARD LIQUID clinical study1:

  • 0 subjects restricted the infusion rate due to adverse reactions1

aafter all SC doses were adjusted


Infusion rate and volume

Maximum infusion rate*: 240 mL/hr

  • Initial rate: 20 mL/hr/site
  • Maintenance rate: 20-30 mL/hr/site
Maximum volume per site*: 30 mL


Maximum infusion rate*: 160 mL/hr

  • Initial rate: 15 mL/hr/site
  • Maintenance rate: 15-20 mL/hr/site
Maximum volume per site*: 20 mL
*all sites combined


The number of simultaneous sites should be limited to 8

  • In the study, the number of infusion sites per infusion was dependent on the dose of immune globulin and ranged from 2 to 10
  • In 75% of infusions, the number of infusion sites was 5 or fewer

Reference: 1. GAMMAGARD LIQUID [Immune Globulin Infusion (Human)] 10% [Prescribing Information]. Westlake Village, CA: Baxalta US Inc.

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