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Patient and Nurse Advocates

MyIgSource gives your patients ongoing, personal support with our trained Patient and Nurse Advocates.

Our Patient Advocates are real people living with or caring for someone with primary immunodeficiency (PI). From dealing with the emotional struggles of a chronic condition to offering advice on how to address everyday concerns, our Advocates offer their wisdom and support to patients and caregivers.

If your patients have questions about administration of GAMMAGARD LIQUID [Immune Globulin Infusion (Human)] 10%, our Nurse Advocates can help. These professionals have ample experience working with patients with PI, and can help with their questions.

Find out more about all of our Advocates.

Dayna, Patient Advocate

Mother of four children with PI

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Kristin, Patient Advocate

Mother of four teenagers with varying levels of PI, and
BioLife presenter

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Tarsha, Patient Advocate

CVID patient and mother of three

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Julie, Patient Advocate

PI patient and active lifestyle

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Karen, Patient Advocate

Diagnosed with PI in 2011 and mother of 3 children

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Kristen, RN, Nurse Advocate

Registered nurse in the outpatient setting for 7 years

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Je'Anne, RN, Nurse Advocate

10 years of experience as pediatric critical care nurse with extensive infusion experience, clinical educator

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Have your patients call 1-855-250-5111 or enroll now on our website.

  • Your patients can get access to experienced Patient and Nurse Advocates, insurance and financial support, useful tools, and more.
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  • Ask a Patient Advocate Our Patient Advocates are actual PI patients or caregivers, and your patients can call them to talk through their administration options.

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