About Shire

We’re with you.

Longer than any other manufacturer, Shire* has been a reliable and consistent supplier of IgG therapy.

Through Growth and Transition

Shire has invested more than $600 million in plasma therapy processing over the past 5 years and is committed to continued investment in the future.

With 60 state-of-the-art plasma collection centers and 8 manufacturing facilities, Shire collects more than 3 million liters and processes more than 5 million units of plasma each year, to meet the needs of those who rely on plasma-based therapy.

With Education and Support

Shire offers unprecedented support and a wealth of educational resources, created with the help of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals from the community. All support is offered without charge to patients and caregivers, regardless of therapy.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Shire plc* became a leader in plasma fractionation in 1941 and is the only company that has been continuously processing IVIG for 25 years.1 Our aim is to provide the highest quality products and programs that advance patient care globally and enable the achievement of outcomes through innovation, science, and technology.

*Shire bought Baxalta Incorporated in 2016. Baxalta Incorporated was formerly the BioScience Division at Baxter Healthcare Corporation and continues to provide Baxter treatments and products.


  1. The Marketing Research Bureau. The Plasma Fractions Market in the United States 2009. Orange, CT: Marketing Research Bureau; 2010.